River City Extension makes a second record.

krystalliz3d said: got the album from Hoboken the other night, it is simply beautiful. kinda wish you guys put Bone Morrow Twist and Shout on it, but regardless it makes me love life more every day i listen to it. you guys make me grateful to be alive

Thank you so much. Unfortunately we made a promise to The Get Up Kids to never record that song and only play it live. Sealed by Jameson in Denver. So glad you are enjoying the record!

Anonymous said: I love the new album I AM SO EXCITED FOR MUSICA! Akron loves you, love the dirty 330

Ah maaaaan thanks. We are stoked to go to Akron.

Anonymous said: Is Bone Marrow still going to be played or is that done? Disappointed to not have it happen at Maxwell's :(

We will do it again. If the crowd is asking for it we will do it. In short, it isn’t something we’ll be doing regularly. We’d like it to be real and organic and warranted.


When River City Extension quotes Robert Frost’s “Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening.” Oh God. My heart. Perfection. You guys. You guys are doing it right. 

wild--nothings-deactivated20130 said: haha so many fans from vcu!

Apparently! Maybe one day we can play there. Make it happen VCU

cutest-kaiju said: Is it true that Standing Outside a Southern Riot is about the basketball riots at VCU?

Those lines in the song are yes. Confirmed

sundaydrives said: What "instrument" is used on Lord, I Have Changed? It sounds like an empty milk jug filled with loose coin. In the most awesome way possible.

It was a metal bucket with chains and a scarf in it. Thank you!

Waste your time in the nude while I’m talking to you, shut up

a-new-american-classic said: Any way I can pre-order the album? You guys aren't coming anywhere near me on tour.

Yup! It is available for pre-order on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dont-Let-Down-Your-Anger/dp/B007V1VSAC/ref=sr_1_1?s=music